June 2024 events and selfies

Lots of events, no time to post, some highlights and selfies with celebrities are due 🙂

Ministry of Defence and Miltech. < no selfie with “M” – classified 🙂 >

I’m privileged to be connected into both Ukrainian and UK/US miltech scenes so doing my best to be a cross-pollinator there. Into Ukraine I bring connections with UK and US miltech companies and the experience of going through MoD tech accelerator in UK. From Ukraine I bring the experience of using AI in the battlefield. I’ve created a webinar based on our experiences which I give to Ukrainian, UK and US military leadership whenever they are willing to listen. Attended another great tech event by MOD recently which has kindled new conversations.

Jason M. Lemkin and AI learnings from SaaStr

Jason was CEO and co-founder of Echosign, acquired by Adobe for $400m in 2011. Jason is a prominent VC who also runs a SaaStr conference. As usual from SaaStr events I return re-energized and inspired. Interesting takeaways from Jason’s keynote this year are around AI: (1) board rooms and investors are willing to bet on the future efficiency promises of AI; (2) there is a pressure on CIOs from their CEOs and boards to ‘buy some AI’; (3) as business, if you don’t have AI parity you’re going to loose business to your competition. Get AI parity now. There is going to be a first of its kind SaaStr AI Summit in September 10-12, SF, this year.

Nick Bilogorskiy

The last in chronological order but definitely not least is Nick Bilogorskiy. Nick is a Kharkiv-born SF-based cybersecurity expert, investor and a founder of a huge Ukrainian charity fund. To date, his charity Nova Ukraine has delivered over _$97 million_ in aid to Ukraine! In 2023, Nick has been awarded an Order of Merit by the President of Ukraine Володимир Зеленський. Nick has managed massive cybersecurity engineering teams at Facebook and Google as well as in his own startup Cyphort, acquired by Juniper Networks in 2017. Just recently Nick has launched his new fund called Dnipro.VC.

Nick has kindly invited me to the Ukrainian BBQ welcoming him to London and it was great to reconnect with Nick and meet some new friendly Ukrainians in the London tech space.

Yesterday was Nick’s birthday so here I would like to say Happy Birthday Nick and best of luck with dnipro.vc and Nova Ukraine! 🎉🇺🇦 Upwards & Onwards!

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