Words of wisdom from Dmitry Buterin

Today is Dmitry Buterin’s birthday and he has shared his life story and words of wisdom with us. I find it both impressive and inspirational. Will leave it here so I can re-read it again. I’m sure others will find Dmitry’s story inspirational as well. Happy birthday Dmitry, upwards and onwards!

I’m 52 today!

reflections on observations & experiences:

– Growing up in Soviet Union behind the iron curtain and under the relentless communist propaganda. Eventually seeing through that bullshit. Watching the USSR fall apart. Going abroad at 18 and seeing firsthand how that damned capitalist West lives 10x better than we mighty Soviets did.

– Living through paradigm shifts: the birth of personal computer -> networking -> web -> decentralization and the birth of crypto. Grateful for the front row seat to the crypto one thanks to Vitalk.

– Living in Grozny (17 years) / Moscow (10 years) / and now in Toronto (25 years). I like Canada, it’s polite and peaceful. And now we have legal weed and dozens of magic mushroom shops in Toronto (also selling DMT and 5meo vapes). Yay, eh?

– Russia bombing my hometown of Grozny into ruins, killing or forcing all the Russians it purportedly was protecting to run away.

Eventually Russia went full Nazi and attacked Ukraine. Slava Ukraine!

– Watching and nurturing (and sometimes freaking out over) my three awesome kids from their babyhood into childhood into teenagerhood and one already into the adulthood and world-changinghood

– Trying my hand at a few startups/businesses, with a whole bunch of failures, moderate successes and eventually one decent exit

– Meeting and befriending so many amazing humans. Successful, struggling, confused, happy, suffering, messy, constantly changing entities – just like me and you and totally unlike anyone else.

– Growing up with no idea about drugs (except the worst one – alcohol – all around me as the favourite escape of Homo Soveticus). Eventually at 17 learning to use alcohol to “manage” my own emotions too.

Then in my late 30s discovering cannabis thanks to my jolly Canadian friends.

Eventually discovering psychedelics at 42, thanks to the gigabrain Sam Harriss and his book “Waking up” on spirituality – and eventually doing tonnes of experimentation with them. Now rarely tempted to pursue any of the above but free to play with them when it feels like it.

– Loving and learning many languages, lately with the Duolingo app (4001 days streak as of today – roughly the same as Vitaliks Ethereum streak), without really practicing most of those languages or needing them in the modern world of AI translation

– Shifting through many different stages of “my worldview” (Google “ego development theory”). Gaining lots of knowledge, aggressively defending the correctness of my point of view for years and eventually seeing the illusory nature of all knowing. Healing many traumas and eventually losing the idea of traumas. Doing tonnes of personal development, getting into spirituality, seeking enlightenment and eventually peacefully laughing at the idea of finding anything but this infinite already what is.

– Going through a few relationships and a couple of marriages. Loving and being loved. Blaming and being blamed. Hurting and being hurt. Cheating and being cheated on.

Relationships are such powerful triggers that can bring us to our knees into deep suffering and resistance – or open our hearts deeply.

Unexpectedly single again now – while still hopelessly in love!

– Living a pretty healthy life, lighting weights for 34 years and then hitting some crazy unexpected health challenges at 50, having to stop lifting weights and rethink my approach to staying fit.

– Mastering the skill of discipline in many areas of my life. Eventually seeing the ways it was misused and messed me up and discovering the ultimate (impersonal) power at the opposite end – impossible helpless surrender.

– Recent acceleration of AI with a growing excitement about the advent of AGI and then ASI. (We are so f*cked! Why not!)

– …And I am not dead yet! Looking forward to (and scared of) (not really) the next 10 years of human progress bringing more change than the previous 50.

And seeing clearly that there is no progress but simply constant chaotic unstoppable flow.

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